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AnyCast M9


Wireless HDMI Dongle Easy screen mirroring for IOS, Android, Windows, Mac


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ClickShare CS-100


ClickShare CS-100 Stand-alone wireless presentation system for small meeting rooms Wireless connection to central screen 1 user on-screen Share from laptop, tablet or smartphone HDMI output Delivered with 1 Button   Successful meetings are all about confidence. Confidence in the ideas, confidence in the presentations, but also confidence in the meeting room technology. That is [...]


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ClickShare CSE-200


ClickShare CSE-200 Wireless presentation system for small to medium sized meeting rooms Wireless connection to central screen Up to 2 users on-screen Share from laptop, tablet or smartphone Enhanced security features Touch back support Central management Delivered with 2 Buttons Creativity is one of the core assets of your organization. With ClickShare, you can make [...]


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ClickShare CSE-800


ClickShare CSE-800 Wireless presentation and collaboration system for boardrooms and conference rooms Wireless connection to central screen Enhanced security features Up to 8 users on-screen simultaneously Share from laptop, tablet or smartphone Moderation, blackboarding and annotation Easily connects with existing AV & IT equipment 4K DCI The CSE-800 was designed to bring the ClickShare experience [...]


ClickShare Tray ClickShare Buttons holder Specifications Dimensions Bottom diameter: 80mm/3.2” Height: 132mm/5.2″ Top width: 124.1mm/4.89” Weight 460 g/1.014 Lb   Download spec sheet  


ClickShare Button ClickShare wireless Button Iconic ClickShare component USB device to start on screen sharing Available in USB-A and USB-C version The most iconic components, ClickShare Buttons put the “Click” into ClickShare. Plug one of these USB devices into your laptop, start the application and click the button, and you are ready to share your [...]

$90.00 $70.00

Turn your HDTV into a smart TV with EZCast Wireless Display Receiver. Dual band 2.4GHz/5GHz wireless antenna offers you the best wireless display experience with a fraction of the cost.


Streaming 4K media content to your UHD TV. EZCast 4K supports both 802.11ac 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands to improve signal integrity and a better viewing experience.


1x HDMI Transmitter + 1x USB wireless mouse + 1x HDMI Receiver with Touch function and Android System Transmitter dongle has onboard rechargeable lithium battery Transmitter dongle has onscreen button to take over presentation from another Transmitter dongle Up to 254 transmitter dongles connect to 1 receiver Real-time wireless presenting Resolution : 1080P + Stereo sound supported with no lag Connectable to any device with HDMI Kinectiq PRO/PLUS dongle homes with USB transmitter for wireless mouse connection to enable Touch functions for interactive projectors or touch LCD displays. Receiver has got built in Android Launcher, Overlay annotation tool, Cloud Management tool Low latency <150-180ms 1 year warranty


ScreenBeam | Classroom Commander Delivers classroom orchestration and wireless display for up to 50 Windows 10 student devices, without taxing your network or setting up servers. Interactive learning thrives in the modern classroom. ScreenBeam Classroom Commander combines wireless display with student device orchestration to improve lesson flow and collaboration. Teachers are untethered from the classroom [...]


ScreenBeam | 1100 4K app-free wireless screen sharing for employee and guest devices with multi-network support for flexible deployment options   ScreenBeam 1100 4K wireless display and collaboration solution provides unparalleled deployment flexibility for employee and guest devices in ANY meeting space. Get wireless screen sharing that supports native screen mirroring in your Windows, Android [...]


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ScreenBeam | 960


ScreenBeam | 960 Modernize all your meeting spaces and classrooms with a wireless display receiver that supports native screen mirroring, extended desktop and interactive touch displays. ScreenBeam 960 wireless display receiver enables native screen mirroring from your Windows, Android and Apple devices — without apps or wires. ScreenBeam 960 makes it easy to connect your [...]

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