Equip your huddle room with best-in-class audio, video, and screen-sharing capabilities with this all-in-one video conferencing system. Designed with smaller spaces in mind, this wall-mounted system features ultra-wideband audio and high-quality video to bring spectacular clarity to all of your communication and collaboration needs. Integrated remote management capability makes it easier than ever for your IT department to remotely monitor, manage, and upgrade huddle room installations. CS-700 FEATURES: - USB audio and video support - Beamforming microphone array - 4 speaker elements - Ultra-wide angle camera with 120 degree field of view - Remote Management support


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$1,699.00 $1,498.00

1000W, portable PA system with 5 channel digital mixer, 12” subwoofer, 1.5” x10 line array speaker, a Bluetooth input, SPX digital reverbs and 1knob EQ and multi band comp for master output.

  • 1000W (HF:190W+LF:810W) power output
  • Biggest in the class 12” subwoofer for low frequency
  • 1.5” x10 slim line array speaker for high frequency
  • Digital mixer (3 mono mic/line + 1 stereo line)
  • Multi band comp “mode” for master output
  • 1-knob EQ for per channel
  • High resolution SPX digital reverbs (4types, parameter control)
  • 2x Hi-Z (high impedance) inputs
  • Link out and monitor out
  • Dedicated cover included
  • Optional reverb foot switch
  • Optional dolly for more portability


8 channel portable system w/ bluetooth Powered mixer w/ 2 x passive speakers 400 watts max 1 year warranty


10 channel portable system w/ bluetooth Powered mixer w/ 2 x passive speakers 680 watts max 1 year warranty


Certified for Microsoft Teams Hang-up button on device Multiple connection options via Bluetooth® and USB Ability to daisy chain up to 5 microphones and support 2 external speakers High-quality audio technology with Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD) to minimize background noise during calls Autotuning function analyzes the room environment and automatically adjusts acoustic settings to the optimal level Pairing of NFC-Enabled Devices Echo Cancellation Powered by USB Mac OS X and Windows


Yamaha's DSP for clear audio Built-in microphones offering 360° coverage Distinguishes the human voice over noise Optimizes sound environment Adaptive echo cancellation Connects with multiple devices, operating systems, and conference applications Battery lasts up to 10 hours Optional bus power over USB Touch sensor button for connecting easily Headset plug for private discussion Use speaker to listen to music


For Remote Small-Group Conferencing with 4 to 6 people Works in Unequipped Conferencing Spaces USB, Bluetooth, Audio In/Out Connections 1 x Speaker, Clear Sound and High Volume 3 x Microphones with Voice Detection Pairing of NFC-Enabled Devices Echo Cancellation Powered by USB Mac OS X and Windows


Audio Conferencing Systems

Yamaha YVC-330


USB, Bluetooth® and NFC connections - audio in/out connection interfaces SoundCap™ technology captures nearby conversations while eliminating background noise for meetings being held in loud, open space environments “Self-silence” mutes microphone automatically while meeting participants are not speaking “Self-volume balancer” automatically adjusts speaker volume properly to fit surrounding ambient noise levels Ability to daisy chain 2 units for medium-sized spaces Power through USB


Audio Conferencing Systems

Yamaha YVC-MIC1000EX Extension Microphone


For the YVC-1000/YVC-1000MS Speakerphone 3 x Unidirectional Microphones Omidirectional Extension Microphones

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