ScreenBeam | Classroom Commander Delivers classroom orchestration and wireless display for up to 50 Windows 10 student devices, without taxing your network or setting up servers. Interactive learning thrives in the modern classroom. ScreenBeam Classroom Commander combines wireless display with student device orchestration to improve lesson flow and collaboration. Teachers are untethered from the classroom […]


ScreenBeam | 1100 4K app-free wireless screen sharing for employee and guest devices with multi-network support for flexible deployment options   ScreenBeam 1100 4K wireless display and collaboration solution provides unparalleled deployment flexibility for employee and guest devices in ANY meeting space. Get wireless screen sharing that supports native screen mirroring in your Windows, Android […]


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ScreenBeam | 960


ScreenBeam | 960 Modernize all your meeting spaces and classrooms with a wireless display receiver that supports native screen mirroring, extended desktop and interactive touch displays. ScreenBeam 960 wireless display receiver enables native screen mirroring from your Windows, Android and Apple devices — without apps or wires. ScreenBeam 960 makes it easy to connect your […]


ScreenBeam | USB Transmitter 2 Wireless display transmitter enables legacy devices to connect to ScreenBeam receivers.   The ScreenBeam USB Transmitter 2 is an adapter that enables wireless display from Windows devices that lack native Miracast™ support. The global standard for wireless display, Miracast™ technology creates a point-to-point connection between the source device and the […]

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